Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jim Garner Workshop photos! Here's my team!

Here are a few pics my great friend DJ Ellis took over the course of our trip. If you put a group of photographers together we are more than happy to come up with crazy ideas like spell out J Garner with our bodies! :-) By the way whitney and I are the "A" lol! I know Jim was the first part of the "G" and Jonathon Chan was the other part of the "G". Oh and Dorinda os the "R" Other than that...I can't remember...Oops! :-) Thanks Jim and Katarina work a great workshop and thanks DJ for these fun shots!

Here is the whole crew! What a great trip I miss them already!

The girls were having great girl bonding that!
In the picture is is Kayla (She is a part of Team Garner), Katarina (Jim's Wife of course!), Dawn (ME!) Jennifer (DJ's lovely wife and one of the coolest chics I know!),Whitney (Works for Team Shields and the best rooming buddy ever!), Dorinda (We have known each other since "Back in the Day" enough said!) lol! and Dorene (My sweet Dorene, we have known each other since our first Bambi workshop many years ago...Love her!). The only girl missing is Stephanie, we love her too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Workshop with Jim Garner

It has been a fun couple of days in Seattle!

We spent the first day touring Jims studio and had some great learning time. They had several beautiful models come in that were just a dream to work with. We did our day 1 shoot in downtown Seattle at all of Jim's favorite locations. This was followed up by a great dinner out then we headed to the Garner's beach home. The beach home was full of treats including dessert and a beach-side fire :-)

I am so excited to post some pictures of this workshop group for you! I will get to work on that tonight when we get done with our night shoot. Today has just been loaded with tons of information including photoshoto and album design. Jims wife Katarina has also been teaching on her part of the business, so needless to say it's been busy and lots of fun! This is a total luxury workshop so it has been just a great experience all the way around.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

NYC with Hye Jin and Ashish

I went to New York last week to do an engagement session, and in a word it was fun! Hye Jin and Ashish were the perfect host to me. They took me around the city not only to shoot but also to show me around. We did everything from ride in a taxi, jump on the subway, and walked the city. Dinner was awesome, with me you can never go wrong with sushi! Some of the places we visited were Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central Station and of course Times Square. :-) I was so excited for their wedding before but now I really am! The connection between us was great and they were just incredible to work with. Take a look at the session below, I hope you enjoy it!

Hye Jin and Ashish, Thank You! Only two more weeks, I can't wait to see you both!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alexis and Randy

Here is another fun engagement session I would like to share with everyone. Alexis and Randy are just a blast to work with and just SOOO happy! Thanks to both of them for such a fun session!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Francisco! With Bambi Cantrell and Micheal Muramoto

SO I have one of the coolest jobs out there! My friend Michael Muramoto and I got together in San Fran to do a shoot together. It just so happened that my dear friend Bambi Cantrell called to see how things were going about a week before I left for California. When she found out we were coming she welcomed us with open arms and had us come to her new studio to shoot! It was awesome! There are a few pics below from my time with Bambi Cantrell and Michael Muramoto. A couple who I have become very close with is Cassie and Greg, they drove to San Fran from Los Angeles to play with us! It was amazing to have them there with me. Another couple was there shooting with Michael, Regina and Brent, they were also fun to hang with. I will post more photos soon! Oh and these lucky couples were blessed enough to have Debi Gasperson and Jennifer Chadwell there doing hair and cool is that! I am in NYC doing an engagement session right now so I will make more postings from California and NYC when I have the photos ready! Below is the quick sneak peek!