Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Caleb and Erika!

This is another GREAT couple I had the honor of photographing. Erika was living in California when she hired me. When we did meet she was everything I thought she would be from all our our phone and e-mail conversations. I can honestly say she was a perfect bride for me. Fun easy going and loves photography. She made it very clear to me from day one that photography was very important to her...Yeah! ;-) Love brides like that! Here is a peek into Caleb and Erika's wedding day. A huge thanks to them for making my job so easy!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Johnathon & Jordan Engagement Session

I wanted to share a few photos from this great session! I loved every minute I spent with Jordan and Johnathon, they are soooo easy to work with. Their wedding is coming up so keep your eyes on the blog and check out their wedding soon! Thanks guys, I had an amazing time working with you..can't wait for the big day! Oh and Jordan has a Bridal session coming up, that will be a blast! ;-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Kristen & Jeff Wiley

Here are just a few pics from Kristen and Jeff's wedding day. They were such a pleasure to work with. I just want to say thanks to both of them for everything! I loved every moment of time I had with you both. I hope the honeymoon was wonderful!

Alison & Johnathan

Alison and Johnathan is one of our couples getting married in July... it's coming up fast!! We went downtown for their engagement session, and we had such a good time!!! (Quick fun fact: They grew up together and eventually decided to get married... how cool is that?? Alison said she fell in love with him in the second grade...Ahhh :-) It's always a blast to get to work with couples that play around and have so much fun :-) Thanks guys!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tracie and Adam's Wedding

Adam & Tracie are another one of my amazing couples that I have been looking forward to their wedding for months! Everything seemed to go perfectly including the weather!
That in itself is pretty impressive for Missouri during the month of April! We had so much fun hanging out downtown and just photographing the wedding party. The groomsmen even flagged down one of our local policeman to loan us his car for a couple of photos. That was one of many fun "first" I had at this wedding ;-) I just want to say Thanks to Adam and Tracie for including us in on such an amazing day. You guys are the best! ~Dawn

Thursday, May 3, 2007

When Dawn is Away . . . .

. . . Kyla and Christi will Play! Dawn is in Greece so Christi and I decided live it up for our last day of freedom. Dawn left us with a full board of sessions to process so we decided we needed a little stress relief before cracking down.

Posted by Kyla

Baby Oliver

Dawn got to do an AWESOME session with new born Oliver a couple weeks ago... Michelle, his mother, had us do maternity pictures for them, so we were so excited to actually see the little guy in person :-) All I can say is, ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few pictures to put up here, so these are just a few of our favorites...

Posted by Christi