Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check out the Photography Network!

“From the hearts and minds of 3 top photographers – Denis Reggie,
Bambi Cantrell and Joe Buissink -- comes a new upstart broadcast network for photography lovers of every stripe: The Photography Network ( This venture (akin to HGTV or the Food Network) will focus on providing 24/7/365 TV broadcast quality “webisodes” to entertain, inspire and educate viewers on the inner workings of some of the world’s top photography talents, studios, schools and galleries. In addition to watching fun and “edu-taining” programs of all types, viewers will be able to showcase their best images, network with other impassioned photographers, compete in contests, and interact with knowledgeable experts.

Some would say it’s about time, huh?!!

The beta launch is scheduled for December and the full network
launch in February ’09. To sign up to be a part of the private beta launch in December go to

So how amazing does this sound?! I'm hooked already! Just wanted to share this with all my photo friends out there, we are blessed enough to have Bambi as one of our close friends so she wanted us to all be a part of the beta launch :-)


Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah and Brent!

Here are some more pictures from my Iowa wedding. We had so much fun while we were there! Sarah's family could not have been kinder to us than they were. This was a group of people who were HUGE Nebraska Husker fans so needless to say they knew how to celebrate a great occasion. Sarah had the video slide show we produce of wedding day photos at her reception, so below are some images that were on the slide show. I hope you enjoy the pictures below of this beautiful couple!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Dawn, Kyla, and Whitney's Corny Adventure...Welcome to Iowa folks!

Kyla and her corn!

Me (dawn),Kyla and the corn field.

Check out this house and their halloween decorations...UNREAL! It's in Good Hope IL. We had to stop and take pictures!

Our welcome gift bag! Those snacks are long gone! ;-)

Some rehearsal pictures with our wonderful couple, Brent and Sarah!

Kyla & Adam, he is one of our past grooms who we LOVE! Also thanks to his wonderful wife Shanna refering us we ended up with this awesome wedding :-)

A couple more of Sarah and Brent!

So we put the tires to the pavement at about 5:30 yesterday evening to photograph a wedding in Iowa. Thursday night was lots of laughs, giggles, and pretty much a five hour non stop business meeting, all blended into one. We made it as far as Quincy, IL our first night, which I only got this far by stopping for my trusty bag of sour gummy worms. Once we checked into the hotel, it took me all of five minutes to fall asleep, and Whitney and Kyla soon realized they were talking to what might have well been a dead person. When we got up in the morning we headed to the nearest Starbuck's, and today is when the corny adventure really started. After seeing nothing but fields of corn, we decided we had to stop and take a picture of us in front of a corn field. Kyla and Whitney could not stop laughing after Kyla decided we needed to take an ear of corn home with us as a souvenir. We finally made it to Davenport, IA (the home of John Deer) and are so thrilled to be shooting the wedding of our amazing couple Sarah and Brent.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bambi Cantrell's Visit!

Here are a couple of images of Bambi working and Jennifer and David's wedding. Bambi had come into Springfield to shoot the cover of our premier issue of our new bridal magazine (it will be out in Dec). This just happen to work out for my bride and groom on the day she came in. I was planning on Bambi going back to the house for some rest after a long flight, but she came to my wedding and worked all day with me! Jennifer and David were thrilled and had so much fun with her. Bambi has been my mentor for several years now and to have her come here and work one of my weddings along side of me was such an honor. I have looked through Jennifer and Davids images and they are AWESOME!!!! Bambi did an amazing job! How many Springfield brides can say their wedding was shoot by one of the top 10 photographers in the world?! Thanks for everything Bambi!


Cyndi and Brandon's e-session!

Here is another fun engagement session! Cyndi and Brandon did two separate engagement session, it was a great way to give them two totally different looks :-) I put up a few from each session I hope you enjoy! Thank to this fabulous couple for two great evenings of fun, I can't wait until the wedding!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry for not Venice with Yervant!

I just wanted to say I'm sooo sorry I have not posted images from Bambi's trip to visit me. I know I have several people waiting on the images so I will get to it very soon. For those who do not know My husband and I have purchased a regional bridal magazine and wedding expo. Bambi came to Springfield to shoot the cover and some of the inside spreads. To have her talent on this Magazine is just unbelievable! I am So excited about this project! What a dream for a photographer to have a magazine! I LOVE the wedding industry so this is a perfect match.

I am currently in Venice Italy doing a photography workshop with one of my mentors and a good friend, Yervant. I love doing these workshops it keeps me fresh and learning from the Best photographers in the world is such a blessing to me personally and to my business. Big hugs to Bambi and Yervant!